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Stellenbosch accommodation is suitable for both holiday as well as business travel. The accommodation in Stellenbosch includes hotel accommodation, accommodation in guest houses, bed and breakfasts and self catering accommodation in Stellenbosch including holiday houses, luxury apartment rentals, suites, villas and also private cottages. Whatever your Stellenbosch accommodation requirements, you do not need to look any further than this accommodation guide.
Stellenbosch is the oldest and most important wine route within the greater Cape Winelands and is therefore the ideal place to stay over for a couple of nights in one of the many accommodation establishments out there. The accommodation in Stellenbosch varies to suit all budgets and needs.

Stellenbosch is also the ideal destination for business travellers. Stellenbosch has many large corporate businesses and there are many accommodation establishments that offers Wi-Fi internet. The University of Stellenbosch also hosts many conferences during the year and many of the establishments are very close (within walking distance) of the University of Stellenbosch campus.

If you happen to stay in one of the many Stellenbosch accommodation establishments then there are many activities on offer for you to experience. The Jonkershoek Nature Reserve is the perfect day out for you and your family. Some other attractions and activities around Stellenbosch include horseback riding and trails, wine tasting and tours through lush vineyards and at least 3 well maintained golf courses where you can relax and enjoy a game or just hit some practice balls to keep your swing in shape while on holiday.

Please click on the Stellenbosch guest house, hotel or self catering headers below to choose your accommodation type. You will find a short description on the various types of accommodation available in and around Stellenbosch.

Stellenbosch Guest Houses
Stellenbosch is still a small, intimate village, but offers you some real good, value for money guest house accommodation. The guest houses in Stellenbosch are usually of a very high standard. To make sure that you are never disappointed we suggest that you choose a Stellenbosch guest house that is graded by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa as there are many guest houses in Stellenbosch that has never been graded at all. We can assist you with this process. Stellenbosch guest houses are ideal for smaller, intimate groups of guests that would prefer to stay together. Guest houses in Stellenbosch could have as little as two rooms to as many as 18 rooms. I could advise that you reserve your Stellenbosch guest house as soon as you have secured your wedding and reception venue as many guest houses in the Stellenbosch area are booked and paid for a year in advance. Many guests prefer smaller, guest houses as you are assured of personal attention and not “just another guests” as is the case in some of the larger hotels all over the world. Stellenbosch guest houses have a high standard of quality. The guest house accommodation in Stellenbosch offers options to all budgets and you have a larger base to choose from as there are not so many hotel accommodation options in Stellenbosch. The Stellenbosch guest house accommodation all offer pools and beautiful small gardens. Most of the Stellenbosch guest houses also offer air-conditioning in the rooms with satellite television. Breakfast is usually included in the guest house rates.
Stellenbosch Hotels
There are not many Stellenbosch Hotels to choose from. Stellenbosch is still a average size village so there are 10 hotels in the area to choose from. The hotels in Stellenbosch are of an exceptional high standard and often come at a price. In most cases the Stellenbosch hotels offer breathtaking views and settings. Many of the Stellenbosch Hotels also double up as wedding venues. This makes the Stellenbosch hotel accommodation of the area ideal to stay if you happen to be a guest at one of these weddings. All the hotels in and around Stellenbosch offer more than just normal accommodation. These hotels often also have award winning restaurants. Some of the Stellenbosch hotels also offer deli’s, picnic baskets, swimming pools, high tea, tours and transfers and many more. As many of the hotels of Stellenbosch are built on high lying ground they do often stunning views and make these hotels ideal for romantic, candlelit dinners under the stars. You are most welcome to just visit a Stellenbosch hotel for sundowner drinks with friends. As there is limited hotel accommodation in Stellenbosch we suggest that you book your accommodation as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
Stellenbosch Country Houses and Villas
There are not that many country houses and villas and around the Stellenbosch area. Those country houses and villas that do exist are of a very high standard. The Stellenbosch country houses are often not situated within the town limits. It is out in the countryside of Stellenbosch – often on or close to one of the beautiful wine estates of the Stellenbosch Valley. As with some hotels in Stellenbosch these country houses often also double up as wedding venues and it might be perfect to stay over at one of the Stellenbosch country houses or villas if you happen to attend a wedding. The Villas in and around Stellenbosch are often expensive, but are of a very high standard. Most of the Stellenbosch villas offer luxury accommodation.
Stellenbosch Cottages
There are some great value for money self catering cottages in Stellenbosch. Stellenbosch cottages are often available for a minimum of 2 or 3 night rentals. Some of the Stellenbosch cottages are also available for longer rentals of a couple of months. The Stellenbosch Cottages are mostly private, fully equipped and furnished units with their own entrance. Most of the Stellenbosch cottages come with 2 or 3 bedrooms although some of the cottages in Stellenbosch also have 4 or more bedrooms. A fully fitted kitchen and dining area enable guests to cater for themselves at all of the Stellenbosch cottages. Almost all of the Stellenbosch cottage accommodation comes standard with a garden and pool for relaxing on those endless summer days. In this accommodation category the cottages in Stellenbosch ranges from budget to luxury self catering cottages. Staying at one of the many Stellenbosch cottages will give you more freedom to come and go as you please. The cottage option might be ideal for smaller families or for guests with smaller children. Out of a budget point of view a Stellenbosch cottage rental might also be cheaper than hotel or even guest house accommodation.
Stellenbosch Self Catering Accommodation
Stellenbosch self catering accommodation comes in the form of cottages, luxury apartments, villas, lodges and many more. Budget, comfortable and luxury self catering accommodation in Stellenbosch is available for holiday rental all year round. Staying in self catering accommodation in Stellenbosch gives you the flexibility to explore and enjoy the many highlights of the Stellenbosch winelands area. Most of the luxury self catering accommodation in Stellenbosch offers you home from home comforts. The self catering accommodation option is ideal for families with children. Self catering apartments in Stellenbosch do not always have their own pool or garden – as is the case with cottages. A lot of the self catering accommodation is not that expensive at all. That makes it possible to stay that little longer to ensure you experience everything that Stellenbosch has to offer. Be aware though – make sure you reserve a self catering unit that has been graded by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa as there are also rip offs in Stellenbosch.
Stellenbosch Spa
One of the best holiday options available must surely be the option to stay at a Stellenbosch Spa or Spa Hotel. A Stellenbosch Spa holiday is both relaxing and romantic and it captures the essence of 5 star luxury. All the Stellenbosch Spa hotels are surrounded by vineyards. You are therefore able to enjoy walks in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Indulge and pamper yourself at one of the best Stellenbosch Spa and hotel experiences in the Cape Winelands. Our spa’s offer you world class features. There are only a few Stellenbosch Spa hotels to choose from so don’t delay – book today!
Stellenbosch Wine Estate
For many guests to South Africa staying on a working wine estate in the Stellenbosch area is one of the many highlights of their trip. The Stellenbosch wine estates equal the European chateau’s and villas in terms of luxury at a fraction of the cost. When staying on one of the Stellenbosch wine estates a complete tasting of their wines is often included. What could be better than waking up between the vineyards? Accommodation on the wine farms of Stellenbosch mostly come in the form of self catering cottages, although there are some hotels and guest houses on wine farms.



Please email us to enquire about the guesthouse / hotel of your choice or give us a budget, etc.


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